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Contest - Off The Beaten Path

I'd like to invite everyone over to my blog at and enter my new contest!

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Buffalo Moon Expedition

Just a short note about someone I would like everyone to add to their blog list. It's the Buffalo Moon Expedition . Two ladies, Megs & Janine, who are attempting to become long riders' guild members are making their first 'long ride' of 1000 miles. Unfortunately one of them must drop out of the ride only 250 miles in. Megs is going on alone and needs everyone's support! She is a dear lady with a massive amount of ambition, heart and spunk!! Please leave a kind word on her blog and keep watch for her updates. She is not alone with all of us following! Thank you & safe rides! (

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Riding Across America

For all of those that complain and whine about what Donna is doing and those that think she's doing this for fame & fortune, you need to look at some of these other distance riders. Some of them are selling books and music, telling of their journeys. Not all of them are donating that money to charity, some are, some aren't. These are just a few of the people riding across country or have accomplished that and not all are a part of the Long Riders' Guild. Certainly none of them are famous or rolling in the dough they raised for themselves or charities, from their rides.
Buffalo Moon Expedition
Joe Guy
Tom Moates
Horse Hotels & Rider Rest Stops
Tracey Elliot Reep
Stan Perdue
Horse & Mule Trails - Information on campsites, trails, across the US etc

Fame, Fortune & Donna Byrne....WTF???

It still boggles my mind that there are people who cannot fathom that Tonto & Mouse are doing just fine. Horses who graze large pastures, on average, will move around about as much as these 2 horses. There are days, sometimes weeks, of rest and the hardest days are short distances in tough terrain or longer distances in easier conditions. Either way both horses are only going at a walk and 20 miles is a long stretch they don't do everyday. The uneducated idiot that doesn't realize these horses are well within physical condition at this point, should get an education on their own mounts. How much work does your horse do on average? How about those adult amateurs who ride sporadically and then go to a show, only to stay mounted and ride for an extended period of time. If your horse' respirations are properly brought up in the warm up ring and are even after a round of 8 fences, then you're doing okay. If your horse is blowing, panting, sweating and needing extended cool down walks, that's a sign, your horse is not conditioned. If after 1800 plus miles, your horse can walk an average of 10 miles in mountainous terrain and not have a problem with it, you're doing okay. Donna's horses' are just fine. Anyone who thinks differently just doesn't know anything about horses. Not every detail of Donna's journey has been openly devulged in this blog or anywhere else that I've seen. Without all the facts, how can one have a negative opinion of Donna and how she is caring for the horses? Donna and I still get a good chuckle out of those that think she is doing this for the fame and fortune. Anything Donna has been given has not been asked for by her. Many have given to her and she is appreciative but she would also like everyone to know that if she were profiting from this trip, she would have bought her own ranch with the money. I've said it before, I'll say it again, Donna is about as famous as my dog, the Dolly Mmama. Have you heard of the famous purebred black dog, the Dolly Mmama? Well then, that'll tell you how famous Donna is....Hay Donna. When you get settled can I come and live off the riches you've amassed on your trip? We can go riding around your ten thousand acre ranch in Montana on our six million dollar horses and laugh at the people who gave you those millions.....nice dream huh? Well maybe you could buy a lottery ticket off the riches you've gotten up til now on your trip. God bless Tonto, Mouse and you! Hope to see ya soon!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Regrets & I told you so....

With yet another obscure sighting of Donna on August 6, the day after Frank had encountered her near Guffey, Colorado, comes the same old chatter from people who just want to see Donna fail. Some of those chattering about enabling Donna; some who regret having helped her; most that just want to say I told you she was nuts; all on the negative side, just being judgemental. I don't understand why this group of nay sayers continues to negatively complain about Donna just as they don't understand why I continue to support her. She's 1800 miles and 7 months away from most of them, if not all. Some have never even met Donna or had anything to do with helping her. Some are still worried about the horses. Tonto has been there since the beginning and I believe if 1800 miles didn't zap his strength then he's doing just fine. As for Miss Jay, there were the vets, the animal control officers, the equine rescue personnel and the pictures, that all agree she was in good health and most likely died consuming some sort of plant that was toxic to her system. Some say that Donna has a choice in whether she goes about the country on foot but the horses do not. That's true. But I've only met one horse my entire life that actually schools himself when left at liberty in the pasture. That's my TB and twice a day you can hear thundering hooves while he makes a few laps around the paddock and jumps whatever comes up in front of him. I have pictures of him doing this because it's rather unbelievable but he does love to jump and be ridden. But, if I asked my western pleasure mare who resides in the same pasture as my TB, if she wants to be ridden, I believe her answer would always be 'no, I'm retired'. FYI, she's less than half the age of the TB and just watches him when he ventures on his self exercising routine. Some horses like to work, some don't mind it and a scant few become rogue enough to not bother. Donna's horses including Miss Jay, have never had a problem walking an average of 15 miles a day. 20 is the maximum and there have been days with as little as 5 miles due to rough terrain. Donna is not the stupid, self centered ass that this group of judgemental and unknowledgable people make her out to be. If she were just dragging the horses down the highway with no regard to their well being, Miss Jay would not have made it 1500 miles and Tonto would not still be going after an estimated 1800 miles if not more. Some seem to worry that Donna is doing all this for the fame and fortune. I will challenge them to find where Donna Byrne is a household name and is routinely discussed on a national forum. And I don't think anyone actually believes Donna has a fortune somewhere, at least not one of a monetary nature. I still don't understand why some regret having helped Donna. I will never regret helping anyone. I give money to people on the street in DC and Baltimore when I'm there. I give free riding lessons and regularly waive my fee to judge 4H horse shows. I donate any profit made at our own shows to an equine rescue although I believe we're going to try to make a little bit for the local no kill dog shelter in the next few months. I usually don't make much of a profit and end up donating all the ribbons from my own pocket. What's my point? Patting myself on the back? The point is that I don't care where the panhandlers spend the money I give them. I do not ask what a 4H club will do with the saved fees from paying a judge. The only thing that I've found through donating to animal rescue groups is that I will not give to one that tries to save horses that will always be a medical and physical burden or support their own horses & families from donations. Otherwise I don't care if they spend the money on feed, vet, or electric bills. I know this post has become quite the ramble and I imagine a bit confusing. I guess I just need to do that this morning. It's good to know that Donna is well and so are the horses. It sucks to know that there are people who must constantly google her just so they can vent their dislike for her on message boards. I've even had people tell me not to write on this blog.....excuse me, but this is MY blog. Get your own, they're free. People have told me to stop supporting Donna. They've called me all kinds of vile names because I do support her but what I do with my time, my blog, my money and whatever else I have is not up for discussion here. It's no different than if you don't care to watch cartoons on TV. You just don't turn them on and if you don't care for Donna or what she's doing, then don't read my blog. Wouldn't your blood pressure or hormones or whatever settle more if you didn't google Donna and try to keep your bashing of her alive? Seems to be it would. Better yet, start a blog and vent. You may find if you do it once, you can be rid of it or at least find others that support your opinion without interfering with mine. Besides, there are many, many people riding their horses around the US right now. Some are of the Long Riders' Guild like the Buffalo Moon Expedition and some were just setting out on their own like Anne. Some are riding north to south, east to west, along the discovery trail of the midwest and on historic routes such as Route 66. Whichever you follow or if you follow them all, don't wish them negativity but celebrate that they are doing something that you are interested in seeing but can't reach beyond your web browser to do yourself. I know I couldn't do these rides and my horses, save for maybe my old TB, wouldn't even bother to go as far as the mailbox without giving me fits because it had been 5 minutes since their last meal! LOL! I couldn't make it 2 miles down the road myself without getting 2 hip replacements, a rod exchanged for my spine and losing at least 50 pounds. If the rides & riders do not bring something positive into your life, then why seek them out just to keep bashing. This one is for Miss Jay.... stop beating a dead horse. Some will find that too ironic and some will be mad at me for using the cliche in light of the fact that Miss Jay is dead. I know for a fact, that Donna agrees with that statement and though she does get a bit teared up mentioning Miss Jay, she is absolutely appreciative of all that mare did for her and has no regrets on the care she gave in return to a little fast walking paint pony. And fyi, Donna is in a good place now, physically, emotionally and news of her 'new' adventure may be coming soon. Stay tuned, if you are truly interested in the good part of the story!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Donna sighting!

Thanx so much to Frank who emailed me about his moment with Donna along a road in Colorado. It was on August 5 and things seem to be fine for as far as Donna has traveled. She seemed tired and run down but not defeated anyway. Donna has a closer destination than Montana to try out. I hope she gets there soon. Thanx so much for the sighting report. I'll update again soon.
Don't forget to check out Buffalo Moon Expedition These Long Riders' Guild gals are launching their ride on September 5. I look forward to following their blog. I only wish I could hop on one of my horses and really ride along. For now, I guess it's best if I just follow in spirit.
I just want to reinterate that if you have trouble posting a comment it's because I was bombarded with whacko comments from people who don't even know Donna or regret they helped her. How you can regret helping out someone in need is beyond me but I was tired of deleting their nasty comments. I'll try to change the moderation of comments again to make it easier to leave Donna a positive comment. If you leave something nasty, you're just wasting your time. It will be deleted.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Donna Sighting....

I'm so glad to post that there has been a Donna sighting in the mountains in Colorado. Per Donna's request, right now, she would like her whereabouts to remain fairly obscure. She & the horses are fairing well. The 'new' gelding is working out well also. I hear Tonto has settled more with this gelding. It's about time he settled a bit. He's gone more miles through some very extreme traffic, noise and distractions than most horses will ever see!
I am in awe at the journey Donna has taken both emotionally & physically. I know I wouldn't last a day without a pool & a/c but I suppose if it came to that, I could. I just couldn't do it on such an extended basis. Just ponder for a moment how it would be to take 2 horses and start riding and in six months, have traveled over 1700 miles. I don't like long drives in the car and fly as much as I can when traveling. This journey is just amazing to me.
I'd like to add another amazing lady that is about to start on a journey of her own. If you care to follow her, read up on Long Rider's Guild member at the Buffalo Moon Expedition. Hurry though, she's about to leave on her trip!
Safe rides to all out there! God be with you!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wish I had some news...

Wish I had some news about Donna but I have nothing. I am however asking everyone to go to THE CUTEST DOG COMPETITION and vote for my puppies. Thanx!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Checking in & not much for news

Hello everyone. I have not heard back from Donna in a few days and I do plan to call her soon. I don't want to use up her phone minutes so I put it off as long as I can. I know she'd call me if she needed something. She has so few supporters left and feels very low. People say she has a choice in what she is doing and the horses don't. Well, the horses that are competing in endurance trials and eventing are ridden harder on any one day of their competitions than Donna's horse's. She walks anywhere from 12 to 20 miles a day with many breaks. The horses are doing well and the only health anyone should think of is Donna's. She has lived a hard life and continues on everyday. I have been so sick for the past 3 days and I think what if I were Donna? I'd be hold up under a tree somewhere, still having to tend to my horses, not being able to take a cold bath for my fever and not have easy access to any kind of meds to help my symptoms. That would be hellish. If I were Donna, my husband would not have gone out to take care of the horses last night as I was too dizzy & nauseated to do it. I would have had to crawl to take care of them if I were Donna. Those horses are are domesticated animals that have a level of trust and sense of responsiblity to their rider. Horses are just that way even the ones that seem so distant having had too many owners in their life. Some never get to bond with one human for very long. I know at this point, Tonto has gone through everything with Donna since leaving south Florida and he has a bond and sense of responsiblity as her pack horse.
I will update soon with some encouraging words from or for Donna. I remain one of her scant supporters. Maybe some of you that are following this journey with a positive view can leave a word of support for her. I am sorry to have had to change the way comments can be left. I know sometimes where Donna lands, they show her on the computer (she is NOT computer savvy in any sense of the words) where people have their say about her journey. I did not want this to become so ugly, so I deleted and pondered and edited and it's a little tougher to leave a comment and anything positive will get published. For those that are so negative and have nothing better to do than pass judgement on this little 90 pound lady riding across the country, living a life long dream, just go spew vile somewhere else. Better yet, try a random act of kindness and see if your heart starts to grow in the right direction.
Donna if you're out there reading this.....we love u girl! Little "S" says hi and we both wish we could ride with you. Even though he's 41, Riffy says he could still make it; PI, the one eyed wonder jumper says he could catch u in a couple days if we start now (I do believe he could jump the Mississippi if I ask him to...LOL) and Belle, well she's the show diva that actually wants to retire at the ripe old age of 10. Belle the most likely to make a trip of even half the magnitude, is also the most likely to not make it out of the driveway (unless in a trailer of course!LOL). You rock girl! Hugs n kisses to the horses.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back Online - Colorado Northbound

After much thinking and emails from a few that would like to follow Donna's ride info in one central location, I've republished the blog. Here is the latest news on Donna.
Cross-country trek brings horse woman to Lamar
Alli Godinez
Posted: 07/10/2009 08:44:01 AM MDT

Donna Byrne passed though Lamar earlier this week on horseback en route to Montana from Florida. Byrne is pictured with her pack horse Tonto Wednesday morning. (Alli Godinez)LAMAR—Going up and down Main Street, Donna Byrne has been seen the last few days riding her horse on the sidewalks with headphones in her ears and a big brown hat on her head blocking the sun.
Byrne currently has two horses. Around town she has been seen riding around on Mouse while back at Country Acres, her pack horse Tonto, who has been with her since day one, waits and rests in the shade. She was here in Lamar seeing if Mouse was the horse for her after tragedy hit and her previous riding horse Jay died.
“He ate something and had a reaction. I tried everything and anything, but nothing could be done to save him,” said Byrne.
Donna started riding on February 4, 2009 when she packed up and left her home Donna Byrne from Arcadia, Florida has been seen around town riding her horse Mouse while her pack horse Tanto waits in the stalls of Country Acres. Donna was riding Mouse to check if he would be a good replacement for Jay, a horse she recently lost in Texas. (Alli Godinez)of Arcadia, Florida with $100 and two horses named Jay and Tanto. Since leaving, Byrne has ridden roughly 1700 miles.
“ I left because I lost my job and my house. Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated and most of what I get goes to my horses,” said Byrne.
While riding Donna has had help from the general public. One man bought her horses new shoes. Another woman grabbed a trailer and gave Byrne and her horses a 200 mile ride to save her from riding though a hot, dry desert. A few have donated money and places for her to stay for the night to keep her from sleeping outside. Johnny Bucznski and the Sunspots even wrote a song, “A Cowgirls Journey”. about Donna and her journey from Arcadia to Amarillo, Texas with a portion of the proceeds to be donated to her.
Byrne's plan as of lately is to ride out west on Highway 50. She eventually wants to end up in Yellowstone in Montana where she has a job waiting for her on a ranch. With no other way to get there, she only has one option and that is to ride her two horses the whole way there. Byrne explains that she couldn't bear to get rid of them and she just wanted to work on a ranch.
Donna says she will be on the road as long as it takes her, but she can't wait to reach the mountains.
“One of my dreams is to ride and get up into the mountains. I'll have to find me a place to camp and my trip might take longer because when I get there I'll be playing and looking around,” said Byrne.
Riding 15-20 miles a day on hot summer roads has taught Donna Byrne a few things. She's gained a sense of respect for old time cowboys and what they had to go through. The trip for her is not easy. She's learned that some places are easy and some are extremely difficult, but with the help of the communities she's passed through, she's able to keep riding.
And for the record, she thought Lamar was pretty and a genuinely good town.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I just can't seem to do anything right

From an earlier post..... I wrote....
' I have no contact for Donna anymore and I have doubts as to whether she ever recieved money from the listed PO Box and I am not the trustee for her bank account. The person who is was the trustee for the account no longer wants to be involved since Donna does not seem to be riding to get a job.'

This was written wrong and read wrong. I'm tired of apologizing. For the record or as long as it stands, I was NOT saying that Donna didn't get the money that was sent to the PO box. I was saying that little to no money was ever sent to the PO Box.

As far as saying why the trustee did not want to be involved with Donna, I never said the trustee disliked Donna, I said, what I said which is stated in quotes above.
I just can't seem to please anyone and please don't read emotion into the words on the screen of your computers. This is ridiculous and I'm really so disappointed in the people who have been so mean spirited towards me. You'd think I was the damn Queen or President or something. I'm just a retired old lady with an obscure blog that no one is probably even reading.

Following the leaders....

Here are just two links to others who are chronicling their journey online. <---Ann with her horse Winnie are adorable!

Today's Latest

Some people out there seem to think that Donna is making this ride for the money and fame. She's not rolling in the dough and she's about as famous as my dog. Donna has a simple way of thinking and she had no plan when she left Arcadia. She just does things. She doesn't think about where she'll be in 10 years, 10 months or 10 days for that matter. I wish I could think like that even if just for a day. Maybe I'll hear something soon, who knows. Regardless of Donna's way of thinking or living, I still wish I could just go off on a ride down the road and not worry about where I'd end up. Just ride down the road and take things as they come up. Of course, I could never do that. I'd be worrying about where my horse' next pair of shoes would come from and would there be feed and oh crap, it's getting hot! But that's just me. I'm attached to conventional modern conveniences too much and think way too far down the road.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just to clarify

This blog is about Donna Byrne. Read the header under the title. That is what this blog is about. If you want to comment negative things towards me, then I have all the right to moderate them and I'm not going to be insulted, I'm just going to delete. I cannot for the life of me, figure out why anyone who doesn't just want to follow Donna's adventure and be supportive, follows the blog. If you don't care to read it, then don't. If you don't like my blog, don't read it. If you think I'm an ass or an idiot, then why waste your time here on this blog? For everyone reading along to find a spot to see Donna's trip online, thanx for being here.

Donna reaches Amarillo

Donna is now in Amarillo and the horses are doing well. Tonto looks better than he did 1500 miles ago in Florida! Here's a link to a report from a vet after he inspected the horses. For those that don't want to support Donna or see the truth from a trained professional vet, take off. This blog won't support that. I'm tired of people bashing Donna for what she's doing. Watch the video

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sad Update : RIP Miss Jay

I found this article referred to from the comments on the last post. It's from TBO (Tampa Bay Online) and by Lindsay Peterson. Miss Jay, the paint mare that Donna was riding has passed away. The cause of death is unknown, suspected toxicity, alledged abuse by anonymous but reading the article, it seems an animal welfare worker inspected Miss Jay & Tonto and found no basis of abuse or negligence. RIP Miss Jay. You were one strong mare and a testament to paint horses! Donna purchased another horse and Tonto is still packing.

Published: June 30, 2009
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Follow her journey
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Previous: How the story started
Cowgirl Donna Byrne packed up her two horses, Tonto and Jay, in Arcadia five months ago and took to the road, hoping to make it to Amarillo, Texas, and a new ranch job.
She's less than 80 miles from her destination, but she'll arrive exhausted, beaten down by the long trip and heartsick.
Jay, the horse she was riding, died last week.
Byrne thinks it was the result of eating a poison plant in the town she was passing through, Childress.
"I saw her chewing on something and I jerked her away," she said. Soon after that she began to bleed from the nose, then her tongue swelled up. Byrne called a veterinarian who came out to check on Jay. He gave her medication but couldn't save her.
Byrne later became ill and went to the local hospital emergency room. She thought she was having a heart attack, but the doctor said she was in shock. He medicated her, she said, and when she got out, all she wanted to do was get back on the road.
She bought a new horse, which she knew seemed cold, so soon after Jay's death, but "I had to do something," she said. "I wanted to get out of that town. I just wanted to get the heck away from there."
No one performed a necropsy to figure out what killed Jay, but it could well have been a poison plant, said Terri Gammage, president and founder of a horse rescue operation in Amarillo, Safe Hayven.
"She could have died from eating toxic weeds. We have them here, they're everywhere. She could have died from heat stroke. I do not know. And it's too late to find out now," she said.
But after getting calls from people who have been following Byrne's story, she tracked her down on Monday. She wanted to check on Tonto and the horse that Byrne bought to replace Jay. Byrne is calling the new horse Bitch, because she has a surly attitude.
Gammage found both of them in good shape, she said. "As a cruelty investigator, I would never dream of trying to make a case against her," Gammage said. The horses seemed comfortable. They weren't blowing "or dancing around like they were hurting."
Tonto is lean, but it's what you would expect from a horse that had travelled 1,500 miles.
Byrne, 44, set out from Arcadia in February, riding her horse Jay and using Tonto to carry a tent, clothes and almost everything else she owned.
She had lost her job on a small ranch and decided to head to Texas, hoping to find steady work in Amarillo. Ultimately, she said, she wanted to get to Montana, where she worked several years ago.
Along the way, people began giving her money and places to stay and feeding and putting new shoes on her horses.
Many offered to drive her and her horses to her destination, but she said no. She wanted to keep riding, to prove she had the guts to finish what she started.
Byrne wound up in a hospital in Tallahassee and later in Pineville, La., with a leg infection. After several days on intravenous antibiotics in Pineville, she finally got the infection under control. Then she decided to ride a bull in a rodeo down the road from Pineville; she used to be a professional bull rider. She flew off after 7 seconds and bruised her back.
But none of what she's been through on the road compares with losing Jay, she said on Monday. "People think I killed her. I didn't kill her. I would have killed myself before I killed that horse," she said.
Some bloggers on a Web site set up to follow Byrne's progress have been condemning her for subjecting her horses to such a long trip. But after seeing Byrne's horses and meeting her, Gammage defends her.
"What she is doing is not any way worse than what a lot of people on competitive trail riding and endurance riding do. They do it every day. She's not doing it nearly as hard as competitive riders do," she said.
"Donna has a choice in what she's doing. The horses don't. But as far as I can see right now, the horses are not in danger."
But Byrne is spent. "I'm worn down," she said. "I know cowgirls don't cry, ride, baby, ride. But with Jay's death, it really took a toll on me. I'm just tired."
Reporter Lindsay Peterson can be reached at (813) 259-7834.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Donna's headin' for Yellowstone....latest update

I pulled this from an article in the Wichita Times Newspaper dated June 24, 2009, there were no pictures with this article and I haven't heard from Donna personally.

Saddled up for travel
Woman is crossing U.S. on horseback
By Hanaba Welch
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
A cowboy’s not really down and out until he sells his saddle.
If the same standard applies to cowgirls, Donna Byrne is doing OK. The Florida cowgirl is homeless and jobless, but she still has her two horses — one to ride and the other to carry her possessions.
Byrne is a phenomenon of the downturn in the American economy — the last domino in the line but knocked down just the same.
“The lady I was working for, she lost her ranch and all her cows,” Byrne said. “I done paid her the rent, but she said I had to get out because the bank was foreclosing.”
With the economy going south, Byrne decided to say goodbye to Arcadia, Fla., and head west.
At first, her destination was just somewhere far beyond the Mississippi where she could find ranch work and a home for herself and her horses. Now it’s Yellowstone or bust.
“I found out I’ve got a job up there,” she said Tuesday as she sat and rested under the canopy at Ole Towne Cotton Gin RV Park at Goodlett while her horses grazed nearby. “They want me to be a cook up there.”
Will she get to keep her horses?
“I ain’t gettin’ rid of ’em,” she said.
So far, both animals are making the long trek just fine. Not that they have any reason to complain — at least not Tonto, a blaze-faced gelding who [Note] that [/NOTE] owes his very life to Byrne. “Tonto was starvin’ to death when I got him,” she said. “The vet did want to put him down. I said let’s give him a chance.”
Now he’s sleek and frisky.
“When he gets an urge, he’ll spin around and start buckin’,” Byrne said.
That’s why he’s the packhorse and Jay, her $100 paint mare, is her ride.
The two horses are cheap transportation across the U.S. But both are getting by nicely on free roadside grass and the kindness of strangers who give them free grazing and hay and sweet feed.
The whole odyssey has put Byrne in the limelight, thanks to news stories and a blog maintained by a friend. Byrne doesn’t mind the attention — not surprising for an ex-rodeo bull rider. In fact, despite doctor’s orders, she entered the bullriding competition at the rodeo in Winnfield, La., a memorable point on her cross-country itinerary.
Byrne didn’t make it till the buzzer, but she did last for 6.7 seconds — not bad, she figures, for someone with not much grip in her holding-on hand.
“I cut this tendon, I cut that tendon, so I’m only holding on with one finger,” she said. Byrne landed flat in the dirt on her once-broken back, but she managed to get up and doff her hat to the stands.
“The whole crowd just stood up,” she said. “It just felt good to get on. I got rid of my frustration.”
Cattle truck driver is also on her resume. She’s seeing places she’s been before, but she’s enjoying the slow pace of her trek. If anybody wants to give her and Jay and Tonto a ride to Yellowstone, it will be harder for her to accept than a bag of feed.
“I’d rather ride it,” she said.
To learn more about Byrne or to help her on her journey, see

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Credits for the painting of Donna in Williston, FL

Here's the picture again with credits for the artist.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Anxiously Awaiting an Update

Hello everyone! I should be getting news this week on Donna's progress. Anyone that may know anything recent from the past week or so, please post in the comments. I'm still hoping to fly out to meet up with Donna again. Anyone who has a Donna story from her trip, please email it and I'll post it or post it here in comments. I will definitely update Donna's progress as soon as I hear something!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Donna's Song - A Cowgirl's Journey

Johnny Buczynskithe and the Sunspots wrote a song about Donna. He is going to donate a portion of the proceeds to Donna directly. Click this posting title to take you to the song recorded on March 2, 2009. You can purchase a copy of this song directly from this link for only 99 cents!! Consider purchasing this touching song, A Cowgirl's Journey
Here's a short excerpt from the original lyrics .....

A Cowgirls Journey by "Johnny B" Buczynski copyright February 22, 2009

This here's a story it's sad but it's true
It happened to Donna, it could happen to you.
As she's on her journey I'm not going along
But I gave her a gift and that gift is this song
And her story goes like this.

I'm an unemployed cowgirl, my names Donna Byrne
I was going through life, when life took a turn
In the second great depression I lost my Home
Except for two horses, I?m left all alone ......

Let's all support Johnny B and purchase a copy of the Cowgirl's Journey!! The lyrics can also be read from this link.

1500 Miles and counting!!

As of today, I estimate that Donna has ridden just slightly over 1,500 miles since leaving Arcadia, FL. As far as I can figure, she has not had any health problems, except fatigue, since Louisianna. As far as I know, Miss Jay & Tonto are doing well and are in good health. Donna is not far now from Amarillo so if anyone knows anyone up in the Texas panhandle, specially Amarillo, get on the phone or email them please and let's see if we can't get Donna a ranch job in that area. Today, please take a moment to say a prayer for Miss Jay, Tonto and Donna.

Don't Forget Donna!

I just wanted to add a post today that Donna is still on the road in Texas and still needs our prayers and if you've an extra dime to send along, the post office box is still good. I believe most of the money is probably used to buy minutes for her cell phone. It's a pay as you go phone and her only link to the world she's riding through. Wishing you mild weather and happiness, Donna!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Donna's Latest Location & Addressing Some Issues From This Blog

Donna is now around Carthage, Texas. I'm sorry for not posting an update but the past 3 months have been rough for me. For those that continue to follow Donna's progress and are supportive of her, please post comments. For those that have negative things to say, well, look in your own closet for skeletons. I, for one, have made plenty of lousy decisions in my life and what Donna is doing is uplifting and inspiring. I am going to try to keep up with her so I can fly out and meet her in Texas. Thanx to all who support Donna and for those that don't support her, well don't post here. I've deleted the two negative comments on one post and will, as I can, filter through the other posts and delete anything negative. I did not know Donna prior to Feb. when she stayed with me. Miss Jay and Tonto were in very good condition and I know that Donna has their well being as her top priority on her trip. Donna u rock! I hope to see u again soon. Also, for those that harassed me over this blog and Donna's trip.... ya'll are a bunch of weirdos and for a time you did creep me out. Just don't underestimate me. I might wobble when you smack me, but I can come back with a vengance and I carry more than a grudge. Again, I'll try to keep posting and I'll add some of the articles that I have stuck in various fav lists with the pictures as I can.
Sincerely, Jan Mock

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a quick update. Not much new. Donna is still resting the horses and herself at a host farm in North Florida. It's been cold the past week so it's best. I'll let everyone know when she decides to continue. Please post this blog on any forums that you are a member. Miss Jay and Tonto are doing well and having a nice relaxing time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update from Donna's current hostess.....

UPDATE: It's Sunday morning and we're about to head out for breakfast. I just wanted to say that having Donna here has been an absolute delight - she's pleasant, easy to get along with, and has a great sense of humor. (She also washes dishes!) She has been able to meet several of our friends and she fits in well with all types of people. Saturday was a fun day - we hit all the big tourist sights in Monticello - Monticello Milling, Dr. Davis' vet office, Winn Dixie, Jefferson Builder's Mart - you now those places that only the natives know about. Donna supervised my western pleasure lesson yesterday, assisted a gentleman with saddling and bridling one of my mares he is considering leasing, and even rode (with much success) one of my WP mares in training - the prettiest little jog you've ever seen. The lady who shows this mare said, "Now, why can't I get her to do that?!" Anyway, she's welcome here as long as she'd like to stay and I hope she'll stay for several days. It's been a pleasure having her around!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please show this to Donna....

Hay, wherever Donna lands next, please show her HER blog! We love you Donna! You go girl! You're almost famous!

Donna, Gail, Jan & Debbie during Donna's rest in Ocala. Donna stayed five days and for me that is just a second in time. Her stay here was very memorable and I will forever remember Donna, Miss Jay and Tonto.

Donna tried to thank Craig in this picture but Craig was not going to get 'thanked' that way! LOL!

Donna thanking me! LOL!

Additional Bloggers

I have invited a few that have also been in contact and will be in contact with Donna to blog here also. I hope they can also share some stories of their time with Donna. If you see new posts from new people, it is because I selected them to update also or just share about their moments with her, post a picture or whatever, when they get a moment.


Hello everyone! As I was a bit under the weather yesterday, I did not post, I apologize. Donna is doing fine and items to help her along her trip are enroute. Thank you goes out to all who are sending prayers, donations and offering safe haven rest stops for Donna. She is very appreciative and I'm sure someone along those stops will show her this blog. So if you have a word of encouragement to send Donna please post a comment. Anyone wishing to post negative comments, please do it elsewhere, lest I unleash my wrath of diplomatic sarcasm and a plaque of fleas for a hundred years, upon you. Donna has more heart and courage than any one of us who can only dream of riding a horse as far as she has already gone. I am so glad to see so many stepping up along her route to wish her well. Donna may have at one time, thought no one cared about her, but now she knows there are many of us who genuinely care about her, Miss Jay and Tonto. She crossed my path for a only a moment in time but I will never forget her. Godspeed Donna and I pray He lights the way for every step you take. Stay tuned for the latest coming soon....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Donna's Progress

Donna made Bronson yesterday. She stayed with a contact and seems to be ill again. This morning that contact trailered the horses and Donna to Chiefland and apparently Donna wanted to ride from there. She wants to make Old Town or Cross City today. I'll have to check the distance but anyone out there that is in that area, please keep an eye out. If she isn't feeling well, the temps have been cool and it could be a real set back if she had to camp outside.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Donna Byrne

Photobucket Album

Donna Byrne

Photobucket Album

Williston to Marianna

Donna set out this morning earlier than she was planning. Tonto and Miss Jay were up and ready to go. They had about 50 pounds of T & A in front of them all night. They of course, had leftovers!
We've now put together a good network of safe havens for Donna up through most of what's left of her journey out of Florida and several contacts are coming in for Alabama. The farther out we get safe haven contacts the better. She worries about Tonto and Miss Jay being able to relax after their rides everyday. The part of the journey they are now is very rural with lots of farmland so complicated traffic and sidewalks are now behind them. The shoulder of the road they are on is very wide and the riding will be, well, for them easy. Soft sand, lots of shade and they'll be able to track at least 50 to 100 feet parallel to the road easily.
She had amassed quite the crowd passing by HITS at Post Time Show Grounds. Many well wishers came out to meet her and several gave her donations to keep things going. She was shocked and very appreciative! I was so happy that Gail Shrine of Dixie Plantation was able to get a contact in Chiefland who is handling the contacts up through that portion of the trip.
Now I can concentrate on getting this stinkin' DVD edited to publish for ya'll to see. I have lots of video of the horses!

More Thank U's

Debbie & Craig Lentz Dade City
Tonya & Clint Halversrod in Plant City รง==Great blacksmith!
Jan & Dan Mock Ocala
Ellen Powers Padgett , Florida
Jeannie Dickson, Florida
Carl E Langley - Michigan
Tractor Supply of Belleview Rt 484 Belleview Fl
Florida Classic Horse Sales Ocala Fl
Cory Bailey- Blacksmith Ocala Fl
Rick’s Performance Hay & Supply Ocala Fl
Bonnie and Joel Calhoun of Thonotsassa
Frog’s Barbeque Restaurant of Williston Florida
Dale and Dennis Corcoran of Ocala

If I've left someone off it's not intentional and feel free to ad your name in a post or drop a line! Thanx! A million times thanx! Donna is appreciative of everything she recieves. She never asks for anything except yesterday. She requested I bring her a lead rope. LOL!

Northbound from williston

My neighbor and I arrived where Donna was staying last evening and I was happy to see a local restaurant owner in williston had allowed her to stay in a small home where he makes his secret barbeque sauce. The heat was on and she had a good place for Miss Jay and Tonto right beside the home. I took feed and hay. She recieved alot of donations and was very greatful. She said she'd set out today around 9am and I anticpate her making it north of Bronson but not quite Chiefland today. I'm taking feed and hay this evening when she lets me know where she is camping or whatnot for the night. That will save her having to pack the feed for another day. Still working on the video .... it's definitely an operator error here! More to follow...

Monday, February 23, 2009


Donations may be sent to PO Box 797 Dade City, FL 33526
There is a contact in Dade City managing the deposits. If you send a check (and thank you to all who have) make it payable to Donna Byrne and if you wish you may even endorse the back with FOR DEPOSIT ONLY
Prayers are always welcome at any time!

14% Protein & 6% Fat ; T&A Hay ; Water

If you're on the route, the horses are on seminole textured (sweet) 14% protein w/ 6% fat or any equivilant thereof would be great. T & A hay and water is always a must. She gets water from corner stores and such and grazing along the route is fairly good since the state wastes so much money maintaining a greenway along the roads. The horses eat 4 quarts twice a day and she can only pack about 3 to 4 days worth due to weight.


Right now she's taking on 19 out of Williston to Bronson, on to Chiefland, Fanning Springs, Cross City, Perry to 90 west to 231 north to Dothan Al.

Thank U!

Thank you to all sponsors and donors...please let me know if you want a link on here and if you know of anyone to ad!

Debbie & Craig Lentz of Florida
Tonya & ? of Florida
Jan & Dan Mock Ocala - Tailwinds Farm
Ellen Powers Padgett Florida
Jeannie Dickson Florida
Carl E Langley Michigan
Tractor Supply of Belleview Rt 484 Belleview Fl
Florida Classic Horse Sales Ocala Fl
Cory ? Blacksmith Ocala Fl
Rick’s Performance Hay & Supply Ocala Fl
Gail Shrine - Dixie Plantation Horse Shows

I have lots more pictures and videos. Please keep checking in. I have to edit some of the video and I'm not a real good computer geek! I have some great video of Tonto and Miss Jay galavanting in my paddock at liberty! They are doing great!

News Channel 8 photo by PAUL LAMISON

Ocala Video

Some Articles From the Media;jsessionid=B3B728A5657CA3F1B9DF18C9E76B7164?contentguid=iFSJUFij&storycount=5&detailindex=2&full=true

Northbound on the road again.....

Donna left Ocala around 10am. She's northbound again and doing well. SR 27 north to 90 west to 231 north to Alabama and then tracking parallel on 84 out of Dothan. The horses are doing great! Miss Jay and Tonto were ready to go this morning with a chill in the air. Say a prayer for Donna and if you're along the way, stop and say howdy! She asks for nothing from anyone and is appreciative of everything. More details to come ... I'm driving out this afternoon to take her a few things. She insists on riding or I would trailer her farther up the road. I'm still going ask her again if she'll take the ride a little ways and let everyone know what happens.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Donna Byrne, American Cowgirl

This blog is for those interesting in tracking the progress of cross country cowgirl, Donna Byrne and her horses Tonto and Miss Jay. More to follow soon.......stay tuned!