Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Checking in & not much for news

Hello everyone. I have not heard back from Donna in a few days and I do plan to call her soon. I don't want to use up her phone minutes so I put it off as long as I can. I know she'd call me if she needed something. She has so few supporters left and feels very low. People say she has a choice in what she is doing and the horses don't. Well, the horses that are competing in endurance trials and eventing are ridden harder on any one day of their competitions than Donna's horse's. She walks anywhere from 12 to 20 miles a day with many breaks. The horses are doing well and the only health anyone should think of is Donna's. She has lived a hard life and continues on everyday. I have been so sick for the past 3 days and I think what if I were Donna? I'd be hold up under a tree somewhere, still having to tend to my horses, not being able to take a cold bath for my fever and not have easy access to any kind of meds to help my symptoms. That would be hellish. If I were Donna, my husband would not have gone out to take care of the horses last night as I was too dizzy & nauseated to do it. I would have had to crawl to take care of them if I were Donna. Those horses are are domesticated animals that have a level of trust and sense of responsiblity to their rider. Horses are just that way even the ones that seem so distant having had too many owners in their life. Some never get to bond with one human for very long. I know at this point, Tonto has gone through everything with Donna since leaving south Florida and he has a bond and sense of responsiblity as her pack horse.
I will update soon with some encouraging words from or for Donna. I remain one of her scant supporters. Maybe some of you that are following this journey with a positive view can leave a word of support for her. I am sorry to have had to change the way comments can be left. I know sometimes where Donna lands, they show her on the computer (she is NOT computer savvy in any sense of the words) where people have their say about her journey. I did not want this to become so ugly, so I deleted and pondered and edited and it's a little tougher to leave a comment and anything positive will get published. For those that are so negative and have nothing better to do than pass judgement on this little 90 pound lady riding across the country, living a life long dream, just go spew vile somewhere else. Better yet, try a random act of kindness and see if your heart starts to grow in the right direction.
Donna if you're out there reading this.....we love u girl! Little "S" says hi and we both wish we could ride with you. Even though he's 41, Riffy says he could still make it; PI, the one eyed wonder jumper says he could catch u in a couple days if we start now (I do believe he could jump the Mississippi if I ask him to...LOL) and Belle, well she's the show diva that actually wants to retire at the ripe old age of 10. Belle the most likely to make a trip of even half the magnitude, is also the most likely to not make it out of the driveway (unless in a trailer of course!LOL). You rock girl! Hugs n kisses to the horses.

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