Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Donna sighting!

Thanx so much to Frank who emailed me about his moment with Donna along a road in Colorado. It was on August 5 and things seem to be fine for as far as Donna has traveled. She seemed tired and run down but not defeated anyway. Donna has a closer destination than Montana to try out. I hope she gets there soon. Thanx so much for the sighting report. I'll update again soon.
Don't forget to check out Buffalo Moon Expedition These Long Riders' Guild gals are launching their ride on September 5. I look forward to following their blog. I only wish I could hop on one of my horses and really ride along. For now, I guess it's best if I just follow in spirit.
I just want to reinterate that if you have trouble posting a comment it's because I was bombarded with whacko comments from people who don't even know Donna or regret they helped her. How you can regret helping out someone in need is beyond me but I was tired of deleting their nasty comments. I'll try to change the moderation of comments again to make it easier to leave Donna a positive comment. If you leave something nasty, you're just wasting your time. It will be deleted.

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