Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please show this to Donna....

Hay, wherever Donna lands next, please show her HER blog! We love you Donna! You go girl! You're almost famous!

Donna, Gail, Jan & Debbie during Donna's rest in Ocala. Donna stayed five days and for me that is just a second in time. Her stay here was very memorable and I will forever remember Donna, Miss Jay and Tonto.

Donna tried to thank Craig in this picture but Craig was not going to get 'thanked' that way! LOL!

Donna thanking me! LOL!

Additional Bloggers

I have invited a few that have also been in contact and will be in contact with Donna to blog here also. I hope they can also share some stories of their time with Donna. If you see new posts from new people, it is because I selected them to update also or just share about their moments with her, post a picture or whatever, when they get a moment.


Hello everyone! As I was a bit under the weather yesterday, I did not post, I apologize. Donna is doing fine and items to help her along her trip are enroute. Thank you goes out to all who are sending prayers, donations and offering safe haven rest stops for Donna. She is very appreciative and I'm sure someone along those stops will show her this blog. So if you have a word of encouragement to send Donna please post a comment. Anyone wishing to post negative comments, please do it elsewhere, lest I unleash my wrath of diplomatic sarcasm and a plaque of fleas for a hundred years, upon you. Donna has more heart and courage than any one of us who can only dream of riding a horse as far as she has already gone. I am so glad to see so many stepping up along her route to wish her well. Donna may have at one time, thought no one cared about her, but now she knows there are many of us who genuinely care about her, Miss Jay and Tonto. She crossed my path for a only a moment in time but I will never forget her. Godspeed Donna and I pray He lights the way for every step you take. Stay tuned for the latest coming soon....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Donna's Progress

Donna made Bronson yesterday. She stayed with a contact and seems to be ill again. This morning that contact trailered the horses and Donna to Chiefland and apparently Donna wanted to ride from there. She wants to make Old Town or Cross City today. I'll have to check the distance but anyone out there that is in that area, please keep an eye out. If she isn't feeling well, the temps have been cool and it could be a real set back if she had to camp outside.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Donna Byrne

Photobucket Album

Donna Byrne

Photobucket Album

Williston to Marianna

Donna set out this morning earlier than she was planning. Tonto and Miss Jay were up and ready to go. They had about 50 pounds of T & A in front of them all night. They of course, had leftovers!
We've now put together a good network of safe havens for Donna up through most of what's left of her journey out of Florida and several contacts are coming in for Alabama. The farther out we get safe haven contacts the better. She worries about Tonto and Miss Jay being able to relax after their rides everyday. The part of the journey they are now is very rural with lots of farmland so complicated traffic and sidewalks are now behind them. The shoulder of the road they are on is very wide and the riding will be, well, for them easy. Soft sand, lots of shade and they'll be able to track at least 50 to 100 feet parallel to the road easily.
She had amassed quite the crowd passing by HITS at Post Time Show Grounds. Many well wishers came out to meet her and several gave her donations to keep things going. She was shocked and very appreciative! I was so happy that Gail Shrine of Dixie Plantation was able to get a contact in Chiefland who is handling the contacts up through that portion of the trip.
Now I can concentrate on getting this stinkin' DVD edited to publish for ya'll to see. I have lots of video of the horses!

More Thank U's

Debbie & Craig Lentz Dade City
Tonya & Clint Halversrod in Plant City รง==Great blacksmith!
Jan & Dan Mock Ocala
Ellen Powers Padgett , Florida
Jeannie Dickson, Florida
Carl E Langley - Michigan
Tractor Supply of Belleview Rt 484 Belleview Fl
Florida Classic Horse Sales Ocala Fl
Cory Bailey- Blacksmith Ocala Fl
Rick’s Performance Hay & Supply Ocala Fl
Bonnie and Joel Calhoun of Thonotsassa
Frog’s Barbeque Restaurant of Williston Florida
Dale and Dennis Corcoran of Ocala

If I've left someone off it's not intentional and feel free to ad your name in a post or drop a line! Thanx! A million times thanx! Donna is appreciative of everything she recieves. She never asks for anything except yesterday. She requested I bring her a lead rope. LOL!

Northbound from williston

My neighbor and I arrived where Donna was staying last evening and I was happy to see a local restaurant owner in williston had allowed her to stay in a small home where he makes his secret barbeque sauce. The heat was on and she had a good place for Miss Jay and Tonto right beside the home. I took feed and hay. She recieved alot of donations and was very greatful. She said she'd set out today around 9am and I anticpate her making it north of Bronson but not quite Chiefland today. I'm taking feed and hay this evening when she lets me know where she is camping or whatnot for the night. That will save her having to pack the feed for another day. Still working on the video .... it's definitely an operator error here! More to follow...

Monday, February 23, 2009


Donations may be sent to PO Box 797 Dade City, FL 33526
There is a contact in Dade City managing the deposits. If you send a check (and thank you to all who have) make it payable to Donna Byrne and if you wish you may even endorse the back with FOR DEPOSIT ONLY
Prayers are always welcome at any time!

14% Protein & 6% Fat ; T&A Hay ; Water

If you're on the route, the horses are on seminole textured (sweet) 14% protein w/ 6% fat or any equivilant thereof would be great. T & A hay and water is always a must. She gets water from corner stores and such and grazing along the route is fairly good since the state wastes so much money maintaining a greenway along the roads. The horses eat 4 quarts twice a day and she can only pack about 3 to 4 days worth due to weight.


Right now she's taking on 19 out of Williston to Bronson, on to Chiefland, Fanning Springs, Cross City, Perry to 90 west to 231 north to Dothan Al.

Thank U!

Thank you to all sponsors and donors...please let me know if you want a link on here and if you know of anyone to ad!

Debbie & Craig Lentz of Florida
Tonya & ? of Florida
Jan & Dan Mock Ocala - Tailwinds Farm
Ellen Powers Padgett Florida
Jeannie Dickson Florida
Carl E Langley Michigan
Tractor Supply of Belleview Rt 484 Belleview Fl
Florida Classic Horse Sales Ocala Fl
Cory ? Blacksmith Ocala Fl
Rick’s Performance Hay & Supply Ocala Fl
Gail Shrine - Dixie Plantation Horse Shows

I have lots more pictures and videos. Please keep checking in. I have to edit some of the video and I'm not a real good computer geek! I have some great video of Tonto and Miss Jay galavanting in my paddock at liberty! They are doing great!

News Channel 8 photo by PAUL LAMISON

Ocala Video

Some Articles From the Media;jsessionid=B3B728A5657CA3F1B9DF18C9E76B7164?contentguid=iFSJUFij&storycount=5&detailindex=2&full=true

Northbound on the road again.....

Donna left Ocala around 10am. She's northbound again and doing well. SR 27 north to 90 west to 231 north to Alabama and then tracking parallel on 84 out of Dothan. The horses are doing great! Miss Jay and Tonto were ready to go this morning with a chill in the air. Say a prayer for Donna and if you're along the way, stop and say howdy! She asks for nothing from anyone and is appreciative of everything. More details to come ... I'm driving out this afternoon to take her a few things. She insists on riding or I would trailer her farther up the road. I'm still going ask her again if she'll take the ride a little ways and let everyone know what happens.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Donna Byrne, American Cowgirl

This blog is for those interesting in tracking the progress of cross country cowgirl, Donna Byrne and her horses Tonto and Miss Jay. More to follow soon.......stay tuned!