Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a quick update. Not much new. Donna is still resting the horses and herself at a host farm in North Florida. It's been cold the past week so it's best. I'll let everyone know when she decides to continue. Please post this blog on any forums that you are a member. Miss Jay and Tonto are doing well and having a nice relaxing time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update from Donna's current hostess.....

UPDATE: It's Sunday morning and we're about to head out for breakfast. I just wanted to say that having Donna here has been an absolute delight - she's pleasant, easy to get along with, and has a great sense of humor. (She also washes dishes!) She has been able to meet several of our friends and she fits in well with all types of people. Saturday was a fun day - we hit all the big tourist sights in Monticello - Monticello Milling, Dr. Davis' vet office, Winn Dixie, Jefferson Builder's Mart - you now those places that only the natives know about. Donna supervised my western pleasure lesson yesterday, assisted a gentleman with saddling and bridling one of my mares he is considering leasing, and even rode (with much success) one of my WP mares in training - the prettiest little jog you've ever seen. The lady who shows this mare said, "Now, why can't I get her to do that?!" Anyway, she's welcome here as long as she'd like to stay and I hope she'll stay for several days. It's been a pleasure having her around!