Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please show this to Donna....

Hay, wherever Donna lands next, please show her HER blog! We love you Donna! You go girl! You're almost famous!


  1. Donna, I been watching you from the start. It is snowing here in WI & I sure wish I was there so I could ride with you. I send my prayers and I'm doing all I can to let folks know you are riding through & to follow your blog. It is hard to believe anyone would be negative about what you are doing. You are just plain brave and making a great statment for all of us about to loose what we have given our lives to have. Far as I am concerned you are my Hero and your horses to.
    May blessings pour down on you for giving so many of us hope. Sue and my horse Hershey.

  2. Donna happy trails may you land in your dream situation. I am with you in spirit. Im like you my cats and dogs are my world. Have a safe journey.After you get settled think about writing a book to give others inspiration. You are one of a kind. Rock on!


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