Thursday, June 11, 2009

Donna's Song - A Cowgirl's Journey

Johnny Buczynskithe and the Sunspots wrote a song about Donna. He is going to donate a portion of the proceeds to Donna directly. Click this posting title to take you to the song recorded on March 2, 2009. You can purchase a copy of this song directly from this link for only 99 cents!! Consider purchasing this touching song, A Cowgirl's Journey
Here's a short excerpt from the original lyrics .....

A Cowgirls Journey by "Johnny B" Buczynski copyright February 22, 2009

This here's a story it's sad but it's true
It happened to Donna, it could happen to you.
As she's on her journey I'm not going along
But I gave her a gift and that gift is this song
And her story goes like this.

I'm an unemployed cowgirl, my names Donna Byrne
I was going through life, when life took a turn
In the second great depression I lost my Home
Except for two horses, I?m left all alone ......

Let's all support Johnny B and purchase a copy of the Cowgirl's Journey!! The lyrics can also be read from this link.

1500 Miles and counting!!

As of today, I estimate that Donna has ridden just slightly over 1,500 miles since leaving Arcadia, FL. As far as I can figure, she has not had any health problems, except fatigue, since Louisianna. As far as I know, Miss Jay & Tonto are doing well and are in good health. Donna is not far now from Amarillo so if anyone knows anyone up in the Texas panhandle, specially Amarillo, get on the phone or email them please and let's see if we can't get Donna a ranch job in that area. Today, please take a moment to say a prayer for Miss Jay, Tonto and Donna.

Don't Forget Donna!

I just wanted to add a post today that Donna is still on the road in Texas and still needs our prayers and if you've an extra dime to send along, the post office box is still good. I believe most of the money is probably used to buy minutes for her cell phone. It's a pay as you go phone and her only link to the world she's riding through. Wishing you mild weather and happiness, Donna!