Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Riding Across America

For all of those that complain and whine about what Donna is doing and those that think she's doing this for fame & fortune, you need to look at some of these other distance riders. Some of them are selling books and music, telling of their journeys. Not all of them are donating that money to charity, some are, some aren't. These are just a few of the people riding across country or have accomplished that and not all are a part of the Long Riders' Guild. Certainly none of them are famous or rolling in the dough they raised for themselves or charities, from their rides.
Buffalo Moon Expedition
Joe Guy
Tom Moates
Horse Hotels & Rider Rest Stops
Tracey Elliot Reep
Stan Perdue
Horse & Mule Trails - Information on campsites, trails, across the US etc


  1. people needs to keep there mouth shot an liv her a lond i wish i was with her

  2. To the owner of this blogspot I say thanks over & over. A lot of us have been riding with Donna through your Blog. I make this comment also in the name of George Morris,the artest with a painting of Donna on display in Williston Fl. wac-austin.blogspot.com
    He would like to send you a signed picture of this painting. Just tell us where to send it

  3. Vectormom - here's another vote of support for you. I live in Fla and have been following Donna through the media. Stevie Wonder can see that she is not doing what she is doing for fame. I have tremendous respect and admiration for her.

    Thanks for doing this!

  4. Thank you for your support for Donna. She isn't doing anything wrong, except she doesn't check in often enough...LOL! I hate to use up her cell minutes as they are limited and she has limited access to getting more so I wait, worry a little alhtough I know Donna could handle just about anything and everything that has been thrown at her on her trip. I know she doesn't handle the negativity that seems to have followed her, very well. She could tackle a grizzly and probably end up riding him on her trip but she does get upset (it's happened a few times when she's stayed with someone & they show her the computer) when people bash her for just doing what she's doing. She hasn't asked for anything. Some people think she has really made out like a bandit with money, which is completely false. Some say she does it for the media coverage. Is Donna Byrne a household name? LOL, even she thinks that's funny. Just because a couple of little nowhere town newspapers put the story on the AP in the beginning and NPR & GMA gave her a 2 second long blurb, people think that's fame?? LOL! I think maybe some of those out there are a little jealous that they'll never be on NPR, not that I think that would be a defining moment in my life if it happened. LOL! Thanx again. Update soon, I hope. A little birdy hinted that she's temporarily settled for the moment and all are resting quietly with a bit of income also. As soon as I get confirmation from Donna and her 'okay' to tell it, I'll post it. She had been very open to posting anything but the last few months, she's gotten a little paranoid, with good cause. So, more soon. Check out Megs ride at Buffalo Moon Expedition. She's a real sweety too! These gutsy riders make me envious but I know I wouldn't be able to do it so I follow them in spirit. Say a prayer for them.

  5. I saw Donna in Colorado in July, My husband and I fed her dinner at the motel she stayed at, she is a very nice person and I worry about her. But it is nice to know she is ok. my prayers are with her.

  6. I live in Florida and followed Donna's story all the way .... until there was nothing more written about her; I even emailed the Tampa Tribune which had been reporting on her journey, but got no reply. I finally found this blog and am so grateful for it! I am a big Donna fan, she is so courageous and steadfast. I hope by now, with winter set in, she has made it to the Yellowstone area and the ranch where there was a job waiting for her. She deserves all good things, as do her horses; and thanks to all those who helped her along the way. What a great book her story would make! I don't know if Donna reads this blog, but if so, I wish you nothing but the best girl, you so deserve it. Jackie Seal


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