Thursday, June 11, 2009

1500 Miles and counting!!

As of today, I estimate that Donna has ridden just slightly over 1,500 miles since leaving Arcadia, FL. As far as I can figure, she has not had any health problems, except fatigue, since Louisianna. As far as I know, Miss Jay & Tonto are doing well and are in good health. Donna is not far now from Amarillo so if anyone knows anyone up in the Texas panhandle, specially Amarillo, get on the phone or email them please and let's see if we can't get Donna a ranch job in that area. Today, please take a moment to say a prayer for Miss Jay, Tonto and Donna.


  1. This is so amazing. Donna give us all somehting to look up too. Thanks for updating. I personally have had to give up my horses in order to get moved to a better place in nearby state. Another woman is walking with her horse across the US from east coat to west coast. These times make us do many things and find new strength and deeper character.


  2. Susan, you are so right. This is the second great depression and it sure draws you back to simpler lifestyles. Hope you find another way to connect to horses. Maybe there's someone in your new town that wouldn't mind a barn rat helping out and exercising an easy mount. Much luck and yes, I'll keep updating. Sincerely, Jan

  3. Here's another if you want to follow


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