Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Williston to Marianna

Donna set out this morning earlier than she was planning. Tonto and Miss Jay were up and ready to go. They had about 50 pounds of T & A in front of them all night. They of course, had leftovers!
We've now put together a good network of safe havens for Donna up through most of what's left of her journey out of Florida and several contacts are coming in for Alabama. The farther out we get safe haven contacts the better. She worries about Tonto and Miss Jay being able to relax after their rides everyday. The part of the journey they are now is very rural with lots of farmland so complicated traffic and sidewalks are now behind them. The shoulder of the road they are on is very wide and the riding will be, well, for them easy. Soft sand, lots of shade and they'll be able to track at least 50 to 100 feet parallel to the road easily.
She had amassed quite the crowd passing by HITS at Post Time Show Grounds. Many well wishers came out to meet her and several gave her donations to keep things going. She was shocked and very appreciative! I was so happy that Gail Shrine of Dixie Plantation was able to get a contact in Chiefland who is handling the contacts up through that portion of the trip.
Now I can concentrate on getting this stinkin' DVD edited to publish for ya'll to see. I have lots of video of the horses!

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  1. want a soundtrack for that DVD?
    I wrote this song about Donna's Journey
    I hope you enjoy it.

    the lyrics are on the bottom of that page too.


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