Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I just can't seem to do anything right

From an earlier post..... I wrote....
' I have no contact for Donna anymore and I have doubts as to whether she ever recieved money from the listed PO Box and I am not the trustee for her bank account. The person who is was the trustee for the account no longer wants to be involved since Donna does not seem to be riding to get a job.'

This was written wrong and read wrong. I'm tired of apologizing. For the record or as long as it stands, I was NOT saying that Donna didn't get the money that was sent to the PO box. I was saying that little to no money was ever sent to the PO Box.

As far as saying why the trustee did not want to be involved with Donna, I never said the trustee disliked Donna, I said, what I said which is stated in quotes above.
I just can't seem to please anyone and please don't read emotion into the words on the screen of your computers. This is ridiculous and I'm really so disappointed in the people who have been so mean spirited towards me. You'd think I was the damn Queen or President or something. I'm just a retired old lady with an obscure blog that no one is probably even reading.

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