Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello everyone! As I was a bit under the weather yesterday, I did not post, I apologize. Donna is doing fine and items to help her along her trip are enroute. Thank you goes out to all who are sending prayers, donations and offering safe haven rest stops for Donna. She is very appreciative and I'm sure someone along those stops will show her this blog. So if you have a word of encouragement to send Donna please post a comment. Anyone wishing to post negative comments, please do it elsewhere, lest I unleash my wrath of diplomatic sarcasm and a plaque of fleas for a hundred years, upon you. Donna has more heart and courage than any one of us who can only dream of riding a horse as far as she has already gone. I am so glad to see so many stepping up along her route to wish her well. Donna may have at one time, thought no one cared about her, but now she knows there are many of us who genuinely care about her, Miss Jay and Tonto. She crossed my path for a only a moment in time but I will never forget her. Godspeed Donna and I pray He lights the way for every step you take. Stay tuned for the latest coming soon....

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  1. Gods speed to Donna.. she knows she can always call on me - no matter where she is.. Gail~


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