Friday, June 5, 2009

Donna's Latest Location & Addressing Some Issues From This Blog

Donna is now around Carthage, Texas. I'm sorry for not posting an update but the past 3 months have been rough for me. For those that continue to follow Donna's progress and are supportive of her, please post comments. For those that have negative things to say, well, look in your own closet for skeletons. I, for one, have made plenty of lousy decisions in my life and what Donna is doing is uplifting and inspiring. I am going to try to keep up with her so I can fly out and meet her in Texas. Thanx to all who support Donna and for those that don't support her, well don't post here. I've deleted the two negative comments on one post and will, as I can, filter through the other posts and delete anything negative. I did not know Donna prior to Feb. when she stayed with me. Miss Jay and Tonto were in very good condition and I know that Donna has their well being as her top priority on her trip. Donna u rock! I hope to see u again soon. Also, for those that harassed me over this blog and Donna's trip.... ya'll are a bunch of weirdos and for a time you did creep me out. Just don't underestimate me. I might wobble when you smack me, but I can come back with a vengance and I carry more than a grudge. Again, I'll try to keep posting and I'll add some of the articles that I have stuck in various fav lists with the pictures as I can.
Sincerely, Jan Mock