Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Donna's Progress

Donna made Bronson yesterday. She stayed with a contact and seems to be ill again. This morning that contact trailered the horses and Donna to Chiefland and apparently Donna wanted to ride from there. She wants to make Old Town or Cross City today. I'll have to check the distance but anyone out there that is in that area, please keep an eye out. If she isn't feeling well, the temps have been cool and it could be a real set back if she had to camp outside.


  1. Donna,
    This is Dianne in Missouri. I heard your story from my best friend in Ocala, Florida and have passed this along to my family, friends, and church here. We are praying for your safety, for health, for your journey and your friends, Miss Jay and Tonto. Our hope is that you will find a home and job that will fulfill all of your dreams. You are the story of so many in America right now as we cling to the important priorities in our lives and do what we must to keep our dreams alive and our country strong. You also have many, many friends all across America that you may not meet but that ride along with you on your journey (including Gail who cares so much!) God bless and keep you and your horses!

  2. Eventually when Donna stops for a few days, I hope that someone will show her this web site for her.

  3. I have not heard if Donna found a place to stay tonight ... I hope so.... she is starting to get out of my area... but we do have a few people lined up for her to stay at.

    Any News Please post it...

  4. I hope you are feeling better today Donna. Please take care of yourself and make sure you get the right nutrition, medication, vitamins or whatever it takes to keep you healthy. My heart and hope are with you. Sue & my horse Hershey.

  5. Just for an update out of Chiefland. Cindi, Nancy and I met up with Donna approx 28 miles south of Perry. It was very moving to see the truck drivers waving as they passed and one even stopped to give her a hug while we were on the side of the road. We helped out in getting settled in for the night, helping her to locate a place to stay at the Steinhatchee Outpost RV Park where Ed let she and the kids, (Jay and Tonto) stay for no charge. Once settled we back tracked to the feed store to pick up some supplies. The local feed store, Creekside Farm Supply also donated feed, hay, electrolytes and girl scout cookies and sent their well wishes. Everyone so far that we have encountered have been so supportive. Donna nibbled on her KFC and Pepsi and then received a call from an international radio show who obtained a phone interview from her while we were there. We then had to say our good- byes as home for us in Bushnell was still a couple of hours away for us. We thought while we were in Ocala we would just zip up and find Donna and take her lunch. Little did we realize just how far she had gotten. Hay, guys just a little further we should see her soon. The horses were fed and Donna layed out her things under the shelter. Jay and Tonto are such good equines. They looked good but were tired from a days travel. Congrats Donna on all you've done so far.

  6. WOW International Radio Show.. that is crazy...

    I am glad you helped her that night.. I was wondering where she was... knowing she would not hookup with Sherri til the following day or so... You are Angels for doing what you did.


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