Thursday, June 11, 2009

Donna's Song - A Cowgirl's Journey

Johnny Buczynskithe and the Sunspots wrote a song about Donna. He is going to donate a portion of the proceeds to Donna directly. Click this posting title to take you to the song recorded on March 2, 2009. You can purchase a copy of this song directly from this link for only 99 cents!! Consider purchasing this touching song, A Cowgirl's Journey
Here's a short excerpt from the original lyrics .....

A Cowgirls Journey by "Johnny B" Buczynski copyright February 22, 2009

This here's a story it's sad but it's true
It happened to Donna, it could happen to you.
As she's on her journey I'm not going along
But I gave her a gift and that gift is this song
And her story goes like this.

I'm an unemployed cowgirl, my names Donna Byrne
I was going through life, when life took a turn
In the second great depression I lost my Home
Except for two horses, I?m left all alone ......

Let's all support Johnny B and purchase a copy of the Cowgirl's Journey!! The lyrics can also be read from this link.

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