Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fame, Fortune & Donna Byrne....WTF???

It still boggles my mind that there are people who cannot fathom that Tonto & Mouse are doing just fine. Horses who graze large pastures, on average, will move around about as much as these 2 horses. There are days, sometimes weeks, of rest and the hardest days are short distances in tough terrain or longer distances in easier conditions. Either way both horses are only going at a walk and 20 miles is a long stretch they don't do everyday. The uneducated idiot that doesn't realize these horses are well within physical condition at this point, should get an education on their own mounts. How much work does your horse do on average? How about those adult amateurs who ride sporadically and then go to a show, only to stay mounted and ride for an extended period of time. If your horse' respirations are properly brought up in the warm up ring and are even after a round of 8 fences, then you're doing okay. If your horse is blowing, panting, sweating and needing extended cool down walks, that's a sign, your horse is not conditioned. If after 1800 plus miles, your horse can walk an average of 10 miles in mountainous terrain and not have a problem with it, you're doing okay. Donna's horses' are just fine. Anyone who thinks differently just doesn't know anything about horses. Not every detail of Donna's journey has been openly devulged in this blog or anywhere else that I've seen. Without all the facts, how can one have a negative opinion of Donna and how she is caring for the horses? Donna and I still get a good chuckle out of those that think she is doing this for the fame and fortune. Anything Donna has been given has not been asked for by her. Many have given to her and she is appreciative but she would also like everyone to know that if she were profiting from this trip, she would have bought her own ranch with the money. I've said it before, I'll say it again, Donna is about as famous as my dog, the Dolly Mmama. Have you heard of the famous purebred black dog, the Dolly Mmama? Well then, that'll tell you how famous Donna is....Hay Donna. When you get settled can I come and live off the riches you've amassed on your trip? We can go riding around your ten thousand acre ranch in Montana on our six million dollar horses and laugh at the people who gave you those millions.....nice dream huh? Well maybe you could buy a lottery ticket off the riches you've gotten up til now on your trip. God bless Tonto, Mouse and you! Hope to see ya soon!

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