Thursday, August 27, 2009

Donna Sighting....

I'm so glad to post that there has been a Donna sighting in the mountains in Colorado. Per Donna's request, right now, she would like her whereabouts to remain fairly obscure. She & the horses are fairing well. The 'new' gelding is working out well also. I hear Tonto has settled more with this gelding. It's about time he settled a bit. He's gone more miles through some very extreme traffic, noise and distractions than most horses will ever see!
I am in awe at the journey Donna has taken both emotionally & physically. I know I wouldn't last a day without a pool & a/c but I suppose if it came to that, I could. I just couldn't do it on such an extended basis. Just ponder for a moment how it would be to take 2 horses and start riding and in six months, have traveled over 1700 miles. I don't like long drives in the car and fly as much as I can when traveling. This journey is just amazing to me.
I'd like to add another amazing lady that is about to start on a journey of her own. If you care to follow her, read up on Long Rider's Guild member at the Buffalo Moon Expedition. Hurry though, she's about to leave on her trip!
Safe rides to all out there! God be with you!

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